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    First and foremost, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Chris and along with being a successful web designer I am also a huge Indian Scout enthusiast. Many of you would probably ask, "Why would you create a forum for just for Scout owners?".

    Good question! There's several reasons, but here are the more important ones:
    • Owning a Scout is more than just a hobby of mine, it's a passion! Because of that, I wanted to create a forum for Scout owners to share their passion as well.
    • I know that I can build a better forum than any of the other ones out there. At the time of writing this most of the other forums are using outdated and archaic forum software (most notably vBulletin). Not only am I confident that I can build a better forum, but I can build one that members will really enjoy using.
    • Even when I'm not riding my Scout, it seems that I'm always thinking about it. What better way to immerse myself in the world of Scout, than to manage and maintain a site that is all about them?
    The nice thing about this forum though, is that it's a forum dedicated entirely to the Indian Scout, which many of us (myself included), consider to be the most iconic Indian ever produced.

    The cool thing is that I'm not one of those huge Internet companies. I'm a one man operation, and because of that this isn't going to be one of those forums that belongs to some company that owns a network of other forums and is solely in it for the profit. Most people probably don't know what I'm talking about, but if you browse around internet forums, you'll see that a good majority of them are part of forum networks all belonging to one company. Typically these companies aren't running all these different forums because they have passion for them, they're doing it for the advertising money.

    Well, that's not me at all! I'm the kind of guy you can message personally and actually get a response from (in a reasonable time as well!).

    So, having said all that, I just wanted to welcome everyone to the Indian Scout Forum. I encourage you to spread the word, and together we can make this the best website on the internet for Indian Scout owners and enthusiasts!

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